Saturday, 13 March 2010

Washington Wetlands Avocet is back!

Yesterday I said "Next first of the year I hope to be a grasshopper warbler. "

I was wrong - today we headed off down to Washington wetlands for a day out with my son and wife. The weather was funny with bright sun at times and very overcast other times. The wetlands were as usual quiet but we enjoy it that way. After a brief look in the new hide at Hawthorn woods we headed off down to wader lake to see if we could spot the latest arrival and there it was feeding on the far bank.

Having watched it for a few minutes something came over the lake lifting nearly every bird on the water including the avocet which shot off in completely the wrong direction for photographs! 

Other highlights from today were the moorhens which are very aggresive just now, kept me entertained for ages.

and this cute little duck (i've no idea what kind it is.).

the only other interesting bird I had today was another waxwing in my garden which I managed to grab a pic of too

Friday, 12 March 2010

Waxwings and Chiff Chaff

Well i've not got any pics to post today but I have had the waxwing back in the garden again today after my apples and also my first chiff chaff of the season in the trees didn't see it but could hear it miles away calling for a mate all day long!

So it looks like the summer is just around the corner with my pond full of mating frogs and the plants starting to show signs of growth again.

Next first of the year I hope to be a grasshopper warbler.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Blyth Estuary

Had a wander along the riverside at Blyth last weekend the weather was as usual poor but I managed a few ok pics for a change.

lots of redshank about on the frozen mudflats

and a few curlew too, I think this is a male curlew as its got a small beak but doesn't look like a wimbrel so guessing curlew (I'm not very good at ID'ing waders.)

Looking forward to some sunshine on a Saturday and Sunday for a change!