Thursday, 30 September 2010

30th Sept 2010

Some of my followers might have noticed a lack of posts from me since my spotted flycatcher?

This was mostly due to the fact that while taking the images of the spot fly I accidentally dropped my 30D with 100-400 lens attached splitting the camera body right down the side of it and basically writting it off. (they don't bounce off tarmac very well!!!)

Anyway after several weeks without either items and a couple of repair quotes later I managed to get the lens repaired at Fixation UK Ltd and had enough cash left over from my insurance cheque to buy a nice 50D body.

Unfortunately since getting my 50D the weather ain't been good enough to get out much so here's a small collection of what i've managed so far.

All of the above were taken at the QEII country park at Ashington.

I managed a quick visit to St. Marys today and caught a glimpse of the barred warbler but didn't get any pics as it just wasn't wanting to show itself.

(Sorry to John Malloy for not saying Hi but didn't want to interupt your chat. Will no doubt see you around again soon!).